Alaska’s Custom Deck Builder

Decks are a big part of summer fun in Alaska. The reason many of us choose to live in this great state is the Beauty of the outdoors. Decks are on great way to spend more quality time outside. Apex Building Solutions wants to help you build your next deck. If your looking for a custom deck builder, we can help you with the design and material selection for a low maintenance beautiful deck that will last a life time.

The Best Materials

We use the best materials and methods in our deck construction. As many people know, during winter the ground can move lifting anything along with it. This movement not only causes stress to the deck but can also cause damage to the house it is attached to. To remedy this issue we recommend a pile driven footing that will not lift.

Wood Decks

Composite Decks

Material selection is also a big factor in deck comfort, longevity, and performance. There are many types of decking materials on the market at many different price points. We take it upon ourselves to work with your budget and design ideas to deliver the best deck possible for your individual situation. We have creative design solutions to give you more for your money.

Quality Craftsmanship

Finally, Craftsmanship is the key component that brings in all together in a beautiful way. Only trusted, qualified Carpenters and apprentices will be involved in the construction of your deck. Since we are a small local business and not a sprawling impersonal large corporation we provide excellent customer care and communication. The Salesman who meets you to talk about the deck project is the same person you will talk to you if you have any issues. Our goal is the make your deck project a hassle free and positive experience.

Another common area of failure in deck construction is how the deck is attached to the house. Many contractors are okay with just using lags to fasten the deck to the house but this is not safe in Alaska with our high winds, earth quakes, and snow loads. We insist on anchoring the deck to the floor system of the house to ensure whatever the environmental challenges are your deck is asset and not a liability.